Ixi bites is a healthy snack made from real fruit that is blended and freeze-dried into squares. Our fruits are picked at peak ripeness, ensuring nutrient and flavour retention. After harvesting our fruit, we freeze-dry, which removes its water content creating a healthy, delicious, and versatile snack, preserving nearly all of the original fruit nutrients. To enjoy, simply add to hot or cold cereals, yogurt, salads, or eat straight from the bag. These squares will definitely satisfy your sweet craving.


How can you enjoy it?

mix it

¡Mix it in cereal, yogurt, salads and more!

mix it

Blend it in any kind of smoothie and emergency prep food.

mix it

¡Eat it straight from the bag! It is also great for food storage and emergency prep food.

Keep on moving

Join the deliciousness with an activity to stay in motion for a healthy living. These are an excellent choice if you like sports, camping & hiking or if you are just in the mood for a savory snack.

ixi bites


Freeze Drying is a preservation process in which the fruit is frozen and then unfrozen through a process that combines low atmospheric pressure and vacuum. The result is a dehydrated product which can be preserved for a very long time.

The Process

ixi bites
ixi bites
ixi bites
ixi bites

  • Nutrition-Retains nearly all of its minerals and vitamins due to its freeze dried process.
  • Taste: Retains most of its flavor, hard and crispy and much lighter.
  • Freeze Dried does not require any additives.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • Dehydration uses heat so it naturally loses more minerals and vitamins.
  • Loses its flavour chewy and tougher.
  • Dehydrated fruit generally requires preservatives.
  • Little shelf life.